What to know about curries

Curry in the kitchen is a blend of spices, and also a food dishes. The word curry is a comes from  the Tamil word kari, which means sauce. In the Netherlands, curry is found in many ready-made curry sauces and powders. The taste of curry Dutchified can not compare with the original application in Indian curry dishes.
Curry is most used  in India, Thailand, Indonesia, UK, Suriname and The Netherlands. The best curry mixtures are from India, Madras and Kerala. In Thailand and India, besides a yellow curry they use a red curry; the red color comes from red peppers. In general, the redder, the hotter. Your Curry taste comes out the best when first fried with chopped onion, and then with the rest of the vegetables or meat . In supermarkets in England and now also increasingly in the Netherlands you can find curry pastes  next to powders  this gets much closser to  the real Indian Corry. A global scale of sharpness indicators are: Mild, Curry, Madras, Vindaloo, Phalle. The last two are for untrained westerners not recommandeer. but the  Madras curry  served in an Indian or Pakistani restaurant is many times hotter than the pots’ Madras’ powder in Dutch supermarkets. In UK, especially in the vicinity of Birmingham is ‘Balti’ a popular dishe, a British-Indian specialty characterized by a free style and the wide use of fresh coriander leaves (‘ Mehti’)

Chicken à l’Hindou.


  • 4 broilers 1.5 l. chicken
  • 1 l. some shallots peeled tomatoes
  • 3 jona gold apples ½ bunch parsley
  • 3 bananas ½ bunch chives
  • Curry Powder 250 gr.
  • EBLY (wheat)
  • flour 250 gr. butter


  1. Peel and finely chop some shallots and cook them in some fat, add the can of tomatoes to it, and to stir, season with Pesa.
  2. Peel the onion and chop it finely, peel an apple and cut in a small diced, stewed it is until they are translucent in some butter.
  3. Sprinkle (singer), the onions and apples with a little flour and a few spoonfuls of curry powder, stir and moisten with chicken broth, let boil, and cook further on a low heat, bring the curry sauce to taste with salt.
  4. Bring water to boil with some salt and a little olive oil, then add the EBLY and allow to cook, drain and cool.
  5. The chickens we check for impurities and residual feathers, herbs Pesa inside and outside.
  6. Leave a roasting tin with butter warmed on the fire, when butter no longer sparkles we put the chicken in it for all sides to color, then we stop them in the oven for 35/40 minutes, basting frequently with the cooking fat.
  7. Chives cut into strips of about four cm. pick the parsley, wash and chop coarsely.
  8. When the tomato sauce is ready, we  add and boil the peeled and sliced apples, the bananas who are peeled and cut into pieces, Let simmer for a while.
  9. Pass the  curry sauce through a fine sieve, finishing with a dash of cream and keep warm.
  10. Melt some butter in a pan with some chicken pasta, then add the grains to EBLY, stir well and season with Pesa, some chives and parsley.

We get the fried chicken from the oven and let cool slightly, then we will cut the chicken. Put the best of the breast and leg on the plate, cover with tomato compote and then with the curry sauce, garnish with the herbs EBLY.


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