compote of tomato

stewed tomatoes

– A can of tomatoes
– 50 g peeled and finely chopped shallots
– 3 cl. olive oil
– Peper and salt (pesa)
– refined sugar
– 8 cl. sunflower oil
– Some cl. white wine vinegar
Preheat saucepan on your stove for a short time to position 9
add the olive oil to it with the chopped shallots,  allow to simmer and stir well with a wooden spoon, bring the  your stove to heating position 5
let the shallots simmer until they are translucent , do not  color
Then add a can of tomatoes , and let boil on heating position 9
when the tomatoes boil, turn the setting back to 5, stirring frequently to prevent from sticking.
if you  stir regularly  the tomatoes are also falling apart, just let it cook until half the original volume.
bring the sauce to taste with just cl. white vinegar, which Pesa and some refined sugar, make sure the sweet-sour balance is ok .
Finish the sauce with sunflower oil and stir well so that the sunflower oil is absorbed into the sauce, let boil for a couple more minutes, remove from heat.
The sauce can be used cold (as a condiment with meat, cold fish among others)  as well hot with a pasta dish with meat or fish added to your choice, or simply as a vegetarian pasta.


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